• About Taypá


            First Peruvian restaurant with authentic food from the Federal Capital, the Taypá Sabores del Peru won the most demanding palates of lovers of good food. Taypá, a Peruvian expression which means plenty, gives name to the address that gathers names of local and international cuisine as Ivone Espińeira, Antônio Carvalho, Madalena and Albano Ribeiro, from traditional BierFass, Pier South Lake, besides the Peruvian chef Marco Espinoza who signs the menu and consulting dining space. He is chef of the renowned Bardot, Peruvian restaurant located in Palermo, the trendy neighborhood of Buenos Aires and owner of El Chalaco a sandwiches house, also in Buenos Aires.

            Brasilia is following the global gastronomy trend that has elected the Peruvian food one of the best in the world and Taypá Sabores del Peru ratifies the world taste with an excellent menu that includes such delights as “Rissoto al Pesto Andino” with shrimp in anticuchos sauce and the traditional “Ceviche Nikkey” of fresh salmon, oyster sauce, coconut milk, avocado and tiger's milk.

            In drinks menu, highlights the pisco drinks-based - traditional Peru drink - as the famous “Pisco Sour”, the “Martini Rosa de Lima” with pisco steeped in rose petals, vermouth dry and sour mix and “Preto Chinchano”, pisco steeped in coffee, cinnamon macerated with pisco, kalhua, condensed milk, almibar coffee, milk and fruits of the forest.

            As with the gastronomy, the Taypá Sabores del Peru environment refers to Inca influence country. The project signed by the architect Rachel Fechina has 235 square meters and capacity for 110 seats - split between 80 (inside) and 30 (outside), on outside area that blend sophistication and contemporary decorative objects with typically handmade from Peru.