• From Peru to the world


            The Brazilian, as well as food lovers worldwide, is increasingly passionate about Peruvian cuisine, as the country is rich and known for a variety of fish species used in their dishes. This tradition comes from the time of pre-Columbian Indians and installation of the Inca civilization in the twelfth century. At that time, the Spanish conquistadors came to add to this vast gastronomy pepper, potato and corn - two of the most important ingredients of this cuisine. Apart from Spain, Italy, China and Japan have a more flavor in the Peruvian dishes from the “jolantau” (Chinese alverjas) to the “chion” (ginger) and “sillao”.

            With so many different ingredients, the Peruvians gave proper life to dishes like Ceviche, that in the classic version is made with fish marinated in limon, cilantro, onion and pepper. It's a dishes symbol of Peru cuisine. And from the traditional version of Ceviche has been developing other types of ceviche dish as the Nikkei (which brings fresh salmon, teriyaky, oyster sauce, coconut milk, avocado and tiger's milk), Norteño (made with fresh fish, rocoto, cassava and tiger's milk) and Vegetarian (Fresh fish, rocoto, cassava and tiger's milk) - all served in Taypá Sabores del Peru.

            And as in all country, Brasilia also joined the world fashion gastronomic trend. This year, the English Research Institute "The Food People" elected Peruvian food like flavor that is dictating taste among food lovers. And the federal capital is embedded in this trend.



            The sugar cane arrival was a delightful surprise to Peruvians and a perfect complement to your herbs and spices, which is why sugar consumption was very large. The monasteries were the great experts in the preparation of sweets and desserts, each had its specialty. Even today the Peruvian sweets are Europeans with an African touch.

            The Peruvian desserts are delicious and various types like Sigh of Limeña, which is made with condensed milk and wine port meringue and Crispy Chocolate Ravioli - pasta stuffed with crunchy chocolate soup came cold lucuma - also very common ingredient in Peruvian cuisine.